SAN ANTONIO, N.M. — The family of 88-year-old Rena Tristan says almost everything she owned was destroyed in a Friday morning fire that also hit the home of a 91-year-old man next door.

"My grandmother lost everything, my aunt lost everything and the other caretaker lost everything as well," Marc Summers said.

San Antonio Fire Department described the fire as a "wind-driven blowtorch," a blaze dangerous to fight given the heavy fuels and strong winds at play.  

Summers says his aunt saved his grandmother, and that, physically, she wasn't injured.

"My grandmother's immobile," Summers said. "She had to carry her out the back door down a ramp specifically built for the causes if there was a fire. IT was emergency evacuation and it worked perfectly; my aunt saved my grandma's life."

But she can't afford to rebuild the home, and will face financial challenges as all of her belongings were burned.

"My grandmother lost all of her medication, her medical supplies for her kidneys, everyone lost clothes, food, everything, everyone's been displaced so they're homeless now. So anything anybody can do will really be appreciated," Summers said.

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