ALAMO HEIGHTS, Texas — Air Force One landed just before noon Wednesday, kicking off President Donald Trump’s short visit to San Antonio as part of a busier day across the Lone Star State. 

The president was in town speaking to local supporters at a private event at The Argyle before holding a roundtable discussion on immigration.

Heavy security patrolled the grounds near the event center in Alamo Heights and roads were closed as the presidential motorcade made its way from the airport to The Argyle.

Supporters shelled out thousands of dollars to see the Commander in Chief at the event center while other supporters gathered outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the President.

Trump supporters outside the event bore American flags, wore the familiar red MAGA hats and chanted, “Trump, Trump, Trump.” Many people in the crowd said they came to show their support of Trump and wanted to welcome him to the Alamo City.

Gogo Ham came with her daughter, Britanny Reyna, to the event center.

“We’ve supported him from the very beginning, so we’re very excited to be here,” Reyna said.

“We’re here to support our President," Ham added. "He’s done great things and we’re just excited for 2020."

Bill Weaver got emotional when asked why he came out to support President Trump.

“This is a critical time," he said. "We have to have Trump."

Weaver, a veteran who served in the Vietnam War, came with an American flag and a T-shirt reading “Never Pick a Fight with a Big Dog.”

Weaver said he would welcome President Trump with a salute.

“He’s probably the only one who has the guts to do what he’s done,” he said. “He’s a deal-maker, he’s a powerhouse (and) he gets things done."

After his visit to San Antonio, Trump headed to Crosby, east of Houston, where the KMCO plant exploded last week.

The president is wrapping up the day in Houston at another private event.