Democratic Congressman Lloyd Doggett and Democratic State Senator Jose Menendez held a town hall in San Antonio on Saturday.

Henry Galarza, a 95-year-old WWII veteran, was one of dozens of veterans who attended to discuss community and national issues at that town hall. Galarza was in attendance with the hopes of getting help with his hearing. He says that his pleas for new hearing aids have gone unanswered.

“They’re not doing very good. I have trouble,” Galarza said. “I can’t hear my wife. Of course, when I take them off I can’t hear at all.”

He says that his hearing problems are from his time in the service.

“We flew a lot around Normandy. [It was] pretty noisy,” he recalled.

Veterans asked Congressman Doggett and Senator Menendez took questions about wait times, starting businesses and help for veterans’ families.

Various veteran organizations like the Texas Veterans Commission and the South Texas Veterans Health Care System were in attendance to answer questions on the spot.

Thankfully, Galarza was able to get some help.

Senator Menendez says that there’s a desperate need for improvement in veterans services.

“This is Military City USA, we have so many retired veterans here,” said Menendez of hearing so many complaints from vets. “The length of time for their claims to get addressed, the length of time for an appointment, the fact that they get told to go outside, they feel like they’re being played in the shell game and not giving them straight answers.”

Senator Menendez also said that he’s preparing to bring veteran issues to the table in time for the next legislative session.