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UT poll: Abbott's lead over O'Rourke narrows

Abbott, the incumbent Republican for governor is losing ground to Democrat O’Rourke with just a 6-point lead.

TEXAS, USA — Governor Greg Abbott’s lead over former Congressman Beto O’Rourke is shrinking, according to a new University of Texas poll.

The survey is also providing some insight into what could be on voters’ minds.

Abbott, the incumbent Republican for governor is losing ground to Democrat O’Rourke with just a 6-point lead. Among registered voters, 45% support Abbott and 39% support O’rourke.

The poll was conducted after the Uvalde school shooting and included voter opinions on guns, abortion and the direction of the state.

“It’s not surprising at all that polling is tightening for both candidates,” Vlad Davidiuk, a Republican strategist said.

On guns, a majority of Texas voters — 52% — expressed the view that gun control laws should be made more strict.

  • 78% support a universal background check system
  • 75% expressed support for raising the age to buy a gun
  • 66% expressed support for red flag laws

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“Texans and voters specifically want our communities and our schools and our grocery stores, our movie theaters — they want where they live to be safe and they’ve seen that Greg Abbott has not shown any leadership or any action on those particular issues,” Jamarr Brown, co-executive director of the Texas Democratic Party said.

The majority of Texans do not support a total ban on abortion.

“I think that Texans are coming together to say that you have a right to choose your healthcare and those healthcare options should be available to you,” Brown said.

Only 15% of Texans agree that abortions should never be permitted.

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Something Republicans believe this will change soon.

“Now that Roe v Wade has been overturned, it’s actually strengthened the pro-life movement because for 50 years there’s been work being done to overturn that decision,” Davidiuk said.

The poll revealed 59% of voters in Texas believe the state is on the wrong track.

The Beto O’rourke campaign responded to the new polling saying  “voters overwhelmingly oppose Greg Abbott’s extreme agenda.”

Governor Abbott’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Despite the ratings, Abbott carries most of the advantages in the race: His campaign is well funded for a midterm election that is expected to favor Republicans across the country. The governor’s allies argue that voters are more worried about skyrocketing inflation and illegal immigration — and that O’Rourke cannot separate himself from President Joe Biden, who is very unpopular in Texas.

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