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Super Tuesday numbers reveal voters aged 65+ made up the majority

The day after Super Tuesday, the Bexar County Elections Office has released election totals.
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BEXAR COUNTY, Texas — With Super Tuesday behind us and a better idea of who voters will see on the ballot come November, the Bexar County Elections Office is offering a closer look at who showed up to the polls. 

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Taking a look at election totals by age, the 65+ demographic made up the largest group of voters, with 91,723 people aged 65 and older making their voices heard. On the other end of the spectrum, only 13,224 of voters aged 18-24 showed up to the polls. 

Here's a further breakdown of Election Totals: 

Age                          Total                        Percentage

18-24                      13,224                            5.3%

25-34                      27,303                            10.9%

35-44                      31,959                            12.8%

45-54                      36,317                            14.5%

55-64                      50,112                             20%

65+                         91,723                             36.6%

Total                       250,638                            100%

As for mail-ins and early voting, 17,844 voters chose to mail in their ballots, while 122,041 voters decided to participate in early voting. 

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