UPDATE: The City of San Antonio has formally requested that the Donald Trump campaign take down the video. The city sent an open letter to the campaign saying, in part:

"We make the request because similar security is provided to all political candidates. Impartiality and neutrality with respect to the person being protected is essential to effectively carrying out their role as assigned security. This principal is followed by all law enforcement agencies providing professional security escort for public figures.

Further, video of this calculated political maneuver is posted on your candidate's Twitter account and is essentially a political ad. City policy prohibits the Officers from participating in this activity while acting in their capacity as city employees. The Officers will be appropriately disciplined."


Some San Antonio Police Department officers are at the heart of a controversy after they were pictured with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

The video was shared on Donald Trump's official Twitter account (link for mobile users):

SAPD Chief William McManus expressed his disappointment with the move, saying that the officers violated department policy. He released a statement on Twitter saying, in part:

“The officers displayed poor judgement. I expect them to know better than to give the appearance of endorsing a candidate while on duty and in uniform, regardless of the political campaign or the candidate.”

Mayor Ivy Taylor joined Chief McManus on social media, condemning the actions of the officers (link for mobile users):

“Police must be above politics & serve everyone equally. Everything they do should send that message and today’s actions did not.”

After sharing the photo to our KENS 5 Facebook page, hundreds of comments were posted within minutes by people either admonishing the officers or defending them.