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Presidential candidate Joe Biden visits Portland on Saturday for fundraiser

Biden is the latest in a string of Democrats making fundraising stops on the West Coast.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Former vice president turned presidential candidate Joe Biden will be in Portland Saturday morning raising money for his campaign.

He is the leading the polls among Democrats running for president. Polls put him at 25%, about six points ahead of Elizabeth Warren.

And Saturday morning he will be in Portland.

“They're looking for one thing, they're looking for money, obviously. Every candidate will do a fundraiser while they are here,” said Kerry Tymchuk.

Tymchuk is a political veteran and currently the executive director of the Oregon Historical Society.

He will be at the Biden gathering. He said personal input from those who attend can influence the candidate.

“Many of the events I’ve gone to in my past, they do hear from the voters on the ground. What’s on the mind of Oregonians. What issues matter to them,” said Tymchuk.

Biden is the latest in a string of Democrats making fundraising stops on the West Coast.

Andrew Yang already visited Portland twice, Cory Booker has come through as well and so did Pete Buttigieg. (Story continues below)


The price to see Biden in person is $1,000 on the low end. A photo opp will be available for those who pay up to $10,000.

Oregon is not a big player politically in presidential races. Our polls often close after the race is decided and our primary is later than a lot of others.

So, when the candidates visit, its more about money.

“Clearly, Oregon in a presidential campaign is more like an ATM teller machine rather than a definitive battle ground state,” said political analyst Len Bergstein.

Bergstein will be there Saturday. He said some will attend to get noticed, although it’s too soon and the amounts too small, to start hoping for political favors.

“If we're talking about the same kind of thing, since it’s in the news, about a Gordon Sondland or anybody else whose trying to get to be an ambassador of some country, those are obviously more zeros. Those would come later on. They would come in a general election and maybe, in Gordon's case, obviously at the inaugural,” said Bergstein.

The event is private and not open to the public. Its being held in a large home outside Lake Oswego.

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