Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said on radio and national television Wednesday something he's said many times before: He believes former President Barack Obama's birth certificate is fake.

"We have the evidence," Arpaio said on CNN Wednesday night. "Nobody will talk about it, nobody will look at it, and anytime you want to come down, or anybody, we'll be glad to show you the evidence. And by the way, you're going to hear more about this fake, phony birth certificate."

He shared similar thoughts on 77 WABC radio in New York Wednesday, too.

Arpaio announced his candidacy for Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake's U.S. Senate seat Tuesday.

President Donald Trump, for whom Arpaio campaigned and with whom he's closely aligned himself, has changed his stance after maintaining for years that Obama was not born in the United States.

Even after losing the 2016 sheriff's race to Paul Penzone, Arpaio held a lengthy press conference dissecting the document he calls a fake.

It's not clear what Arpaio stands to gain politically from keeping the birtherism going, but it appears he will.