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SA archbishop calls for immigration reform, shares message of compassion

Bishops across the country are calling on the Trump administration to end its zero tolerance policy and show more compassion to immigrants coming into the U.S.

SAN ANTONIO -- Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller called for immigration reform and more compassion at a Sunday Mass.

San Antonians filled the San Fernando Cathedral to hear his message on Sunday. The archbishop addressed the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump's immigration policies, specifically the policy of separating children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

"We need leaders who will embrace with love and care and commitment to our young people of DACA program, and that we will be able, our leaders, to welcome and respect the dignity of parents and children who come as refugees and seek asylum for a better life," he said.

The archbishop also said that he saw the unique challenges migrants face after a trip to Mexico last week.

"I was able to see, as I was connecting with bishops and people, leaders, on matters regarding migrants and refugees in those countries, that the willingness to see what to do, the problem that needs to be resolved, belongs to all of them. We wish the U.S. will enter in those dialogues too," Garcia-Siller said.

At the end of Mass, postcards were passed around that addressed the family separation policy. People were encouraged to sign the card that will be sent to lawmakers.

The cards read:

"As a person of faith, I believe in protecting the dignity of every human being particularly that of children and youth. Our faith traditions call us to welcome the stranger, and to recognize the sanctity of family.

As a voter, I urge you to find bipartisan comprehensive agreement on immigration which, in accordance with what the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has requested for years, upholds the rule of law, preserves family unity, protects the human rights and dignity of every person, and contemplates paths to citizenship for "Dreamers." Families that have been separated should be reunited immediately and, all future proposals that would lead to a family separation at the border as well as indefinite detention of families with children should be rejected. Any immigration reform should include smart and humane enforcement policies.

The children and our families cannot wait!"

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