COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Wednesday was a very emotional day as George H.W. Bush was celebrated at today’s state funeral.

Back in College Station, there is a lot going on to make sure George H.W. Bush’s final trip to his presidential library is one worthy of a president.

Despite it being early December, flowers are still in bloom in front of the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library.

Behind the library is a pond and small bridge leading to the burial site where President Bush will be laid to rest, joining his wife Barbara and their daughter, Robin, who died of cancer at the age of 3.

But before President Bush reaches the library bearing his name in the middle of the Texas A&M campus are railroad tracks where the unique Bush 41 train will bring him to College Station for the final time. A platform is already in place.

The Texas A&M University Center & special events crew has been hard at work getting chairs in place and preparing for a day they haven’t really been able to fully grasp just yet.

“Honestly, we’re just trying to do the best job,” Kelly Jo Eblen said. “The more we talk about it, and the more we think about it, especially tomorrow, it will definitely hit us all in the feels. I’m sure we’ll be extremely humbled and honored to be here amongst our peers and our Aggie Family. Honoring a man that lived a remarkable life.”

As you can imagine, security in this area is going to be tight. Fences have been placed all along George Bush Drive and Texas A&M has canceled classes for Thursday.

Expect a lot of emotions again Thursday. The Navy announced it will perform an unprecedented 21-fighter flyover for the funeral.

As for the library, it has been closed all day, and it will remain closed until Friday. The burial in the back will be private - just for family - but the gravesite will be open this weekend.