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Hundreds of Bexar County mail-in ballot applications rejected, elections office says

In the first election since SB1 passed in Texas, more than 400 mail-in ballot applications have been rejected, according to the Bexar County Elections Office.

SAN ANTONIO — Rejected: that’s the status of hundreds of vote-by-mail applications.

In Bexar County, election workers say about one fourth of applications are being sent back due to missing information.

Inside the mail room at the Bexar County Elections offices, workers stamp dates on envelopes.

The start of the mid-term election year is smooth so far.

“This is the first election we’ve had to implement all of the changes and the staff is doing a fantastic job,” Jacque Callanen, Bexar County Elections Administrator said.

Some of the changes from Senate Bill 1, which passed with some controversy last year, apply to mail-in ballots.

So far, about 27 percent of ballot applications received were rejected for different reasons.

As of Wednesday morning, 478 rejection letters have been sent, according to Callanen.

“Some people have been sending in the old mail ballot applications, and we’ve had to reject those,” Callanen said.

Eligible voters must submit the newest application for a mail-in ballot. Under SB1, the change requires you to put either your driver’s license number or last four of your social security number.

Callanen is asking voters to put both.

“We’re recommending [voters] put both in case they don’t remember what they put on their original voter registration card, just to be on the safe side.”

Under SB 1, the elections office cannot send a mail-in ballot application to voters automatically. For upcoming primaries, Callanen says there’s still time to get yours.

“Please don’t wait for a campaign to send you one. Go ahead, go to our website, that’s the safest way,” she said.

Callanen says the deadline for voter registration for the March primary is January 31. Mail-in ballot applications must be sent in by February 18.

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