In a KENS 5 exclusive, we have learned that real estate billionaire Gene Powell and banker Dennis Nixon will host Donald Trump at Oak Hills County Club when he comes to San Antonio on June 17.

Powell is very involved with the Texas Republican party, and some consider him a "kingmaker."

Both men declined to comment for this story.

The president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where both are prominent members, spoke about Powell's past political involvement in Democratic and Republican elections.

Ramiro Cavazos said that Powell helped elect former San Antonio Mayor Ed Garza.

“I think he's definitely someone who, you can say, is also very active, helping elect a former mayor who brought Toyota to San Antonio,” Cavazos noted.

Gene Powell made his fortune in commercial real estate. He also served as the chairman for the University of Texas Board of Regents.

According to his UT regent biography, Powell has been working in commercial real estate since the 1980’s. His real estate firm, Powell Company, is responsible for Alamo Quarry, Rogers Ranch, and Shavano Park among others big projects.

“He's a visionary that has really helped shaped our city in the last 25, 30 years to look like it is today,” Cavazos said.

Dennis Nixon is the CEO of the International Bank of Commerce in Laredo. His corporate biography says that he was instrumental in passing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

KENS 5 asked if the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce felt that there is a conflict of interest, with two of its most prominent members fundraising for a candidate who's been rejected by members of his own party for racist remarks against Hispanics.

“They're both big champions of comprehensive immigration reform,” Cavazos said. “People who are involved with our chamber are at the table, and that's better than not being at the table.”

There is no word yet on how many people will be at the event or how much it will cost to attend. We do know that it will cost at least tens of thousands of dollars per person, and invitations started going out on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Republican National Committee confirmed that the event has nothing to do with the RNC and that this is strictly a Trump campaign event.