SAN ANTONIO — Business at Bexar County Elections is back to usual after a fast and hectic Texas primary. 

"Everything was going really really well until we get to push the button to start to release the early voting numbers," Jackie Callanen, the elections administrator said. 

Bexar County officials say as they attempted to release the early voting results on Tuesday night, the system continued to crash three different times.

Bexar County set a record on Tuesday with the largest number of voters for a primary election. In total, more than 250,000 people voted. 

Officials believe that the high number of voter turnout may be one of the factors in the system crash.

The systems vendors are on site trying to figure out the issue so they can prevent this from happening in the November election.

"I have every confidence in them that they won't stop until they can give us a solid answer," Callanen said. 

Callanen is hoping to cut down on lines come September. Election staff is aiming to beef up the number of poll workers and are looking to recruit a younger much more tech-savvy team.

"It's no secret that many of our election officials are senior citizens and in some respect technology is not their friend," Callanen said.

"I think we're going to push to get more student clerks out there because that'll help the judges a lot." 

Election clerks can be as young as 16-years-old. All they would need is permission from their school and parent. They can apply online.