San Antonio mom, Gina Galaviz Eisenberg, runs her own business full time, and still makes time for packing a healthy lunch.

Her little ones, twins Carter and Kennedy (6), plus big sister, Reagan (7), may be future presidents, but for now, they keep their parents very busy.  

"At this point, when you have little ones and you are going a little crazy, a little bonkers, you just want convenience," Eisenberg says.

She has a quick and easy parenting hack to pack a healthy lunch... bento boxes! The Japanese compartment container has proven to be a parenting best friend when time is in short supply.

"They get up at 6:15, I am up early, We have to  at the bus by 7:03 and 7:25, so everything is made fresh. I could do it the night before, but we work from home, so usually the night before, I am still working. So by the time I am wrapping up shop at 8:00 p.m., I am exhausted and its off to bed." 

The boxes, combined with an assembly-line operation, make for a quick and easy lunch-packing for the busy family.

"I have never really timed myself, but I can get this done in 10 minutes or less," Eisenberg says.

Variety is, of course, the spice of life, and a way to keep the kids from getting bored with the same old lunches.

"I try to do fruits, sometimes three fruits. A main entree, so Kennedy likes Turkey Dogs, Reagan likes peanut butter with honey or not with honey. Carter likes sometimes pizza or chicken nuggets or just a rice cake as his main entree."

Eisenberg has several different combinations to keep things fresh and interesting.

"And then at the bottom of the lunchbox, I have a little yogurt, like a Go-Gurt or something like that," she says.

The bento boxes were $16 from Pottery Barn Kids. She says she also buys most of the lunch items in bulk from Costco or the grocery delivery app, Instacart.

HEB also offers grocery delivery for a $5 delivery fee plus a tip for the driver.