SAN ANTONIO -- The North East Independent School District Board voted unanimously Monday night to pass new sex education curriculum.

However, opponents to the new curriculum claim it would "promote permissiveness and sex."

The school district said it's been offering sex education for 20 years, and this new curriculum is not much different than what it has already been teaching.

"This curriculum involves a lot of hands-on learning, if you will. There are speakers that come in and talk about their experience. [This includes] maybe bad experiences they've had along the way," NEISD spokesperson Aubrey Chancellor said.

The district's student health advisory council recommended it "update" its sex education courses using curriculum called 'draw the line/respect the line.' It is a program that reportedly shows students how to set personal limits and meet those limits.

"We first and foremost always talk about abstinence. We always stress abstinence, but then we also teach the students different tools about barrier methods in the event that they go down a different path," Chancellor said.

The San Antonio Family Association advocates for traditional family values. The group said only parents should be talking to their children about sex. The group also claims, if the curriculum covers contraceptives, it's only promoting permissiveness.

The association also called on the school district not to approve the new curriculum.

NEISD said sex education curriculum is offered to thousands of middle school students. Over the last three years, the district said there's been about a two percent opt-out rate.