The Pugels wanted to plant the seed of their experience in the restaurant and concession industry into a viable business in San Antonio. Father, son and uncle decided the Alamo City needed a good hot dog business. Something easy, simple and delicious.

"We thought about what San Antonio needed. What everybody loves and we came up with hot dogs," says Brandon Pugel.

Pugel didn't have a secret family recipe on their side. They went all the way to Chicago in search of a quality dog to serve to San Antonians. They found the perfect piece of meat at Kelly Eisenberg products. It's been a gourmet deli staple in the windy city since 1929.

"We would like to be to one day be that grandparent that hands down that recipe," say Pugel. " We're kinda of the first generation doing it."

He has a six-year-old daughter that can, perhaps, takeover their hot dog kingdom.The Pugels opened their first spot at W. Bitters and Blanco.

They also wanted to flip the statistics about hot dog consumption in San Antonio. According to Pugel, when they opened their doors in 2012 the Alamo City was the fourth for eating hot dogs in the nation. He and his family are trying hard to push San Antonio up the list.

"It's very cool working side-by-side with your father," says Pugel.

Like most business partners he and his father have tense moments but overcome them.

"(At) Thanksgiving there are some stern looks across the table sometimes," he laughs.

Food is, generally, a subject of conversation. In fact, the Pugels rarely go places where they aren't identified as the "hot dog people"

They have 23 different types of hot dogs at their newest location at 3502 N. St. Mary's Street. There are 29 varieties at the Biters Rd location. Both places also serve burgers, sandwiches and salads. You even create your own gourmet dog. Plus, the beef weiner can be substituted for turkey or a garden hot dog at no cost.

The customers are raving about the original San Antonio hot dog house.

"We found this place last Monday," says Darrell Douglas. "We've been here four time since then."

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