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Neighborhood Eats: Need to nip at The Dogfather

The Dogfather is not afraid to put anything on a hot dog that tastes good. Desserts, super spicy or just plain---they have nearly done it all.

SAN ANTONIO — The Dogfather was never supposed to be a 'thing' for owners Jamie Hoppe and Patrick Curel. Maybe a place where patrons from the nearby bar could nip on a hot dog?

The unintentional consequence of them opening a hot dog restaurant at 6211 San Pedro Avenue was success.

For two and a half years, they've pushed the envelope on hot dogs and burgers.

"Hot dogs---It's like a blank canvass really," Kayla Mariotti said. "You can create a hot dog. You can pretty much put anything on a hot dog and make it delicious."

Mariotti is a manager at the restaurant. She said their unique vibe is all about San Antonio.

Inside the space, there is an homage to 'The Godfather.' In fact, it's present in the restaurant's logo where a dog is dressed in a suit like a member of the mafia holding a smoking hot dog.

Team Dogfather might have a gangster's grip creating an innovative menu. They take flavor risks that have paid off.

"We've done dessert dogs. We've done extra spicy dogs," Mariotti said. "We've done savory. Sweet. We've done it all."

Not every hot dog has to been super creative even though customers can build their own down. The Dogfather also offers plain hot dogs. They sell hamburgers too. The unique toppings from the hot dogs can be stacked on a burger.

The hot dogs are 100% all Texas beef franks. The burgers are locally sourced beef. And, the buns are freshly baked even the custom doughnut bun.

Vegan options are on the menu too. 

Neighborhood Eats was provided with a number of dishes to sample starting with the Stinger: Beef frank wrapped in bacon, covered in spicy chili chutney, honey, feta cheese, and arugula. Delicious!

Their Elote style tots are tasty! Picture a pile of tots covered in roasted corn, crushed takis, queso fresco, chili SaLimon and Parmesan cheese topped with two limes.

The Tot dog comes with tater tots, bacon bits, queso and sour cream sitting on a freshly baked bun. Great!

Dogfather offers the 'Pop it like it's hot' burger: Angus beef patty with bacon, cream cheese, queso, and fried jalapenos.¡Que Rico! 

The same high marks for the 'Ratchet' dog. It's a hot dog covered in creamy queso, fried jalapenos, and hot Cheetos.

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