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Neighborhood Eats: Making that cheddar at Chris Madrid’s

The new Chris Madrid’s feels just like the old Chris Madrid’s. However, there are some enhancements designed to make your burger experience better.

SAN ANTONIO — Chris Madrid’s has proven it can exist inside of a building or in a food truck. The product and the people were tested by fire but continued to deliver just about everything on their storied menu.

“Chris Madrid’s if for everybody,” Oscar Balderas said.

Balderas is the general manager for the legacy burger joint in Beacon Hill. The legacy started with Chris Madrid in the 1980s. San Antonio businessman Richard Peacock bought it in 2017. A fire disrupted their operation, but it didn’t knock the restaurant out of the game.

“More than anything we try to be in the relationship business,” Balderas said.

Balderas said the food truck gained its stripes over the past 18 months servicing customers and even pulling off special events too.

The staff no longer worries about serving their highly sought-after burgers in trying weather conditions. They are back inside their building at 1900 Blanco Road.

“Believe it or not everything came off of these walls,” He said.

The t-shirts and Madrid’s familiar collection of things are up on the walls. If you’re looking closely there is a little of the fire’s soot left on the electric sockets near the ceiling.

The restaurant added an event/overflow space for customers.

“We’re doing all the same recipes that we’ve always done,” He said. “It’s the same guys in the kitchen.”

The kitchen got a redesign too. It still produces Cheddar Cheezies and Tostada burgers. A new menu addition is milkshakes.

Neighborhood Eats was provided with a Chris Madrid’s sampler for a taste test. The review started with the Macho Nachos. Team Chris Madrid’s were not able to fix the popular dish in the food truck.

Credit: KENS 5
The Macho Nachos are a customer favorite.

These nachos come with picadillo, refried beans, their famous cheddar cheese and jalapenos on the side. ¡Qué Rico!

Next, their fresh house cut fries smothered in Chris Madrid cheddar cheese with jalapenos and bacon slices. Good option.

Credit: KENS 5
Customers are in for a cheese filled treat with Chris Madrid's fries covered in cheddar cheese.

The Cheddar Cheezy is one of the marquis burgers at the restaurant. The taste of an old-fashioned burger is covered with lava-like cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles. This burger never disappoints. ¡Qué Rico!

Credit: KENS 5
Chris Madrid's is located at 1900 Blanco Rd.

Neighborhood Eats was also treated to their delicious new milkshakes.

The real chew: Chris Madrid’s has not missed one beat for getting out the burgers that made the restaurant a San Antonio staple. The renovation is nearly flawless. Walking in the doors is like stepping into a timeless place of comfort. The long lines still come before customers get their food. That is a sign this burger restaurant put the “B” in the Beacon Hill community.

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