SAN ANTONIO — Sal and Inna Ramos drove right into their dream. A Sunday ride for the couple took them past 5616 Bandera Rd. The structure was perfect for them to launch the multicultural Oky Doky restaurant.

"We figured that if you put three different cultures of food out there everybody can be satisfied in one restaurant," Sal said.

The couple opened the Oky Doky restaurant in Sept 2018. The name comes from a time when the couple dated and Sal used 'Oky Doky' quite a bit. Inna thought it was cute then and the perfect name for their business today.

On the menu are offerings from Mexican, American and Ukrainian cuisine. They have designated rooms in their restaurant to all three. The Mexican portion looks very much like its former self. The Texas room represents America in a room covered in red, white and blue stars and stripes. The Ukrainian room is colored like the country flag with one of it most popular flowers on the wall.

The Ukrainian food, by the way, is the hardest sell because customers are unfamiliar.

"And when they come in to have their favorite enchiladas we have samples," Inna said.

The sample, typically, lures patrons to the Ukrainian side of the menu which is painstakingly made from scratch.

"Of course, we believe they should try Ukrainian food right?" Inna said. "Because it's something people haven't tried in San Antonio."

Inna recalled a customer ordering French fries as a back up option just in case Ukrainian fare wasn't his thing. She said he liked it.

Neighborhood Eats was provided with a huge sampler starting with Pelmini. Simply put these are like stuffed dumplings floating in a flavorful broth. Inna stuffed our dough with beef and pork. It comes with a side of sour cream. It seems everything Ukrainian does. The soup was fantastic!

Her cabbage roll was up next. Slowly cooked for two hours, the cabbage rolls are stuffed with meat, rice, spices and covered with a tomato sour cream sauce. This is a winner!

How about a bowl of Borscht? It's a beet-based soup with beef, potatoes, carrots, onions and cabbage with a side of sour cream. This is one healthy tasting soup in a good way.

Vareniki are like raviolis stuffed with potato, topped with real bacon bits and a side of sour cream. It was pretty good.

Sal's burger was the last offering. The burger is stacked like most but the meat is the difference here. Sal mixes beef, chorizo and pork. It's topped with cheese. It is delicious.

Overall impressions: Oky Doky works hard to please it's customer base. While Neighborhood Eats didn't try the whole menu their sweet spot is the laboriously made Ukrainian food, The trick is getting people to try it.

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