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Neighborhood Eats Burger Battle: The Lords of juicy

An eastside restaurant honored God by naming their restaurant after him. Meantime, a well-known chef stretched his faith to open yet another eatery.

SAN ANTONIO — There are fewer burger restaurants in San Antonio competing in the KENS 5 Burger Battle. The number dropped from 64 to 32 after the first round of votes ended.

The second round of voting is now active. Click here to cast your vote. Nominees came from social media and emails. The results from the first round of voting was light. Each round is four days. So, voting for your favorite burger must be done quickly and decisively.

Mr. Juicy

No one can ever say Chef Andrew Weisman has not owned enough restaurants.

“It’s a sickness,” he said.

The 51-year-old is the owner of the Weissman Restaurant Group has a healthy portfolio of eateries including Signature, the Luxury, Bigz Burger joints and now Mr. Juicy.

Mr. Juicy, located at 3910 McCullough, started as a production facility for Weissman to make his famous double-blanched French fries.

“And II figured that it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch to do milkshakes and burgers while we were doing the fries and see who filtered in,” Weissman said.

To his delight and surprise, his three-month whim is churning out burger, fries and milkshakes for more than 300 people a day.

“The arc of my career was in fine dining,” he said. “QSR, quick service restaurants, makes people happier.”

In fact, burgers are making the Culinary Institute of America alumnus who then trained in France happier too.

“At that point, I was cooking for myself,” he said. “It was ego driven.”

His latest venture is all about bringing chef driven product to a fast food setting.

Mr. Juicy is home of the wet burger which means by option the burgers come with an Au Pouivre. It’s a shallot peppercorn sauce generally drenched across a cut of steak. His French fries take nearly three days to make.

But the double-blanching process is worth every moment.

Credit: KENS 5
The 'Day of the Dead' burger is an off-the-menu option at Mr. Juicy for a limited time.

Weissman served Neighborhood Eats an off-the-menu creation called the ‘Día De Los Muertos Hamburguesa.’ The two-patty creation comes blanket is cheese, topped with avocado, jalapeno sausage, ham, grilled jalapenos and a secret sauce. It is every bit of sensational!

 Lord’s Kitchen

The Lord’s Kitchen opened in 1994. Ray Perez said they remain 25 years later because of their product and, most importantly, God.

“The actual name came from us already being save,” Perez said. “And, so we made a covenant with God to name it after him.”

The restaurant, 118 Seguin Street, is located on San Antonio’s Eastside under a bridge. Perez the Lord has also shielded them from any criminal activity, at all.

“We’ve never had one police incident here,” he said. “My building has never even been tagged.”

A collage of pictures covers the wall of customers who come to try out his sizable burger. The restaurant does offer other items, but the burgers are truly king.

Perez said he serves everything from a junior burger to a five pounder. His three-pound burger is the most popular challenge burger. The five pounder is an off-the-menu item for five brothers who order one each. And, the restaurant owner said he’ll make even bigger burger upon request.

Neighborhood Eats settled for a one-pound Lord’s burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions, eggs, jalapenos and grilled mushrooms. Delicious!

Give Marvin your review of Mr. Juicy and the Lord’s Kitchen . If you have a recommendation send him an email (Mhurst@kens5.com), tweet (@Mhurstkens5), IG (@Mhguy) or post it on his Facebook page. #kens5eats


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