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Neighborhood Eats: A taste of power from Powerhouse Bakery

Suzanne Parker's Powerhouse Bakery is not your average bakery. It's more like a friendly gateway to healthy eating and cooking.

Suzanne Parker knew she wanted a career in fitness and nutrition. She opened Powerhouse Bakery to fulfill a chapter in that evolution.

"I decided what I really wanted to do was really connect with people on the nuts and bolts of healthy eating," she said.

Located just off of Huebner Rd at 4902 Golden Quail, Powerhouse Bakery was opened to serve gluten free food. But it has blossomed into a food ministry.

Parker said she wanted to tell help people understand what gluten free is and what it is not. And, why not? She taught college nutrition, worked on research for diabetes and obesity medications and even helped H.E.B. with health and wellness for their employees.

"There's more to the healthy palate than replacing food that's gluten free," she said.

Yes, customers can get baked goods at Powerhouse Bakery. Just not the ones from a traditional bakery or panaderia.

The registered dietitian and personal trainer has structured her business who want to improve their diet.

"The athlete who wants to eat healthy. The patient fighting a food allergy or disease like cancer or diabetes," Parker said. "People who need to back on fats, sugars and carbohydrates."

Powerhouse Bakery offers the sweets and savory. Offerings like turkey burgers, meatloaf, quinoa stuffed bell peppers, pizza on cauliflower crust and split pea soup are on the menu.

"The foundation of a healthy diet includes lots of green and lots of wonderfully flavored food," Parker said. "Eating from the Earth is a great thing.

Neighborhood Eats was provided with a samples from the menu starting with a vegan Buddha bowl. It comes with red cabbage, kale dressed with dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and a mighty seed blend (chia and flax), quinoa in a ginger lime dressing, cucumbers, bean salad, citrus slices and a Suzette sauce. Fresh and delicious!

Next, the Keto loaded lasagna. The dish does not have noodles but there is lean ground beef with a perfect blend of spices stacked on top of mushrooms, zucchini and Powerhouse Bakery cheese (Goat and cottage cheese with garlic). Fantastic!

The cauliflower crust pizza is also a great option.

For dessert, cinnamon rolls with under 5 grams of sugar. The ingredients include potato starch, vegan butter, rice flour, coconut sugar and vegan cream cheese icing. Delicious!

The real chew: Powerhouse Bakery is about personal diet power. This is not a sit down restaurant. There are two tables if you must dine in. It's more of a meal prep pick up with healthy portions already rationed out for the customer. Parker also offers cooking classes to help patrons achieve health goals at home. This place really goes beyond a bakery. And, the food is good!

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