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San Antonio salon raises thousands of dollars for Ukraine aid efforts

On Sunday, Haircuts for Ukraine was held at D'Anthony Salon Spa's Dominion location benefitting Ukrainian San Antonio's fundraising efforts.

SAN ANTONIO — A local salon is offering haircuts for a cause. On Sunday, D’Anthony Salon Spa donated all its sales to Ukrainian San Antonio’s efforts to deliver medical and humanitarian supplies to Ukraine.

Ukrainians who are living in San Antonio are stepping up in various ways to help out.

In the stylist’s chair—the conversation is centered around Olena Khrystyuk’s home country.

“Seeing your home country completely debilitated, just destroyed, executed, it’s hard," Khrystyuk said.

“My cousin just passed into Poland yesterday, she sent me pictures just now. She said ‘I’m here,’ she has a newborn, who is three weeks [old] and her older son. She says, ‘We are out here skating, I see people drinking coffee,’ and she said, ‘When can we have a life like this again?’” Khrystyuk said.

Khrystyuk feels that the invasion by Russia, labeled by Vladimir Putin as a ‘special military operation’ won’t stop in Ukraine.

“I grew up in the Soviet Union, this is worse,” Khrystyuk said.

“With everything going on in Ukraine, it’s [important to] give back how we know how and haircuts is the best thing,” Diane Diaz De Leon, owner of D’Anthony Salon Spa says they gave 47 haircuts on Sunday and raised $2,500.

She’s proud of her stylists showing they care for this cause.

“Our labor costs nothing, it’s all heart. For us to do haircuts, it’s our gift,” Diaz De Leon said.

Khrystyuk says they’ve already sent two truckloads of supplies, but feels more than just one country is at stake

“I think there’s more to be done… Ukraine is a buffer between the Russian federation that’s very aggressive in attacking not only Ukraine but the entire free world, democracy and everything,” Khrystyuk said.

Anyone who is interested in helping Ukrainian San Antonio can visit their website.

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