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Vitamin and mineral supplements recalled for cancer, lead poisoning risk

The powders, shipped around the world, may have unsafe levels of arsenic and lead that could be dangerous with long-term exposure.

Two brands of a powdered vitamin and mineral supplement are under a worldwide recall because of unsafe levels of lead and arsenic that could lead to certain types of cancer or lead poisoning.

Cellect Products Inc. and Oglethorpe Ltd. are recalling lot #041907 of Cellect Unflavored Powder and Essentials Factor Cell Synergy Unflavored Powder, which come in 1.25-pound bottles.

"Taking more than two servings daily potentially could result in an accumulation of Lead in the body over time and too much of it can cause serious and sometimes permanent adverse health consequences," the companies said in their recall statement. "People with high blood levels of lead may show no symptoms, but the condition may cause damage to the nervous system and internal organs."

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Acute lead poisoning can lead to abdominal pain, muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and bloody or decreased urinary output, according to the companies. 

Also, the companies say long-term exposure to inorganic arsenic has been associated with increased risk for skin, bladder and lung cancers, and skin disorders.

There have been no reports of "adverse events" due to the recall, according to the companies. 

The powder comes in a white plastic bottle. It has lot #041907 and a manufactured (MFG) date of 05/20/2019 stamped on the bottom. 

Credit: Cellect Products Inc. and Oglethorpe Ltd.
The affected Cellect Unflavored Powder & Essentials Factor Cell Synergy Unflavored Powder has the following lot #041907 and a manufactured (MFG) date of 05/20/2019 stamped on the bottom.

Anyone who has purchased the supplements should stop using them and return them for a replacement or refund.

Customers with questions can reach Cellect Products Inc. and Oglethorpe Ltd. by phone at 631-509-5316, Monday-Friday 11 a.m.-5 p.m. ET or send an email to request@cellect.org.

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