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Pigeons with glued-on MAGA hats released in Las Vegas

A group called PUTIN is reportedly taking credit for releasing the flock which it says was in protest to the Democratic presidential debate.

A flock of pigeons donning tiny, red "Make America Great Again" hats, including one that had a wig resembling President Donald Trump's hair, was unleashed on downtown Las Vegas Tuesday. The group behind it says it was a protest in anticipation of Wednesday's Democratic presidential debate, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The group behind it is called Pigeons United To Interfere Now, or PUTIN. The group describes itself as an "underground radical group," according to the Review-Journal. 

In addition to protesting the Democrats, a PUTIN member said it was to show support and loyalty to Trump, the Review-Journal said.

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The inspiration was reportedly Operation Tacana, a 1970s program in which the CIA tested using pigeons with cameras to spy on the Soviet Union. The operation was declassified last year.

The group reportedly said eyelash glue was used to put the wig and hats on the pigeons. It claims the hats usually stay on for one or two days. And even if the hats didn't fall off, the group claims the pigeons always return to their coop where the hats can be removed. When asked if this was animal cruelty, a PUTIN member said he didn't see the difference between this and people who dress up dogs and cats.

A similar scene played out in Las Vegas in December when pigeons with tiny cowboy hats were released. 

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