“All That” is coming back.

Nickelodeon announced on Thursday that it will revive the popular 90's sketch-comedy show. The new "All That" is slated to premiere this summer.

Comedian Kenan Thompson, who made his television debut when the show first launched in 1994, will be the show's executive producer. He will work with a new cast of kids, and some of the old cast members will make special appearances, Nickelodeon said in a statement.

“It means everything to me,” Thompson told Variety. “It was my first job that I ever had. It gave me an opportunity.”

A “Saturday Night Live” for teenagers, the original “All That” featured cast members, including Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon, who played different roles in comedy sketches that defined the 90's, from the “Good Burger” sketch to a loud librarian character.

Nickelodeon said parents who loved “All That” when they were growing up can now enjoy the show with their own children.

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