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Here's how much each of Mike Bloomberg's delegates cost him

He's been in the race for about three months and spent about as much per delegate as another candidate who was in for more than a year.

There are signs billionaire Mike Bloomberg may be dropping out of the presidential race Wednesday after spending hundreds of millions of dollars, but winning little on Super Tuesday.  A person close to the campaign told the Associated Press the former New York City mayor plans to reassess whether he should stay in.

Bloomberg spent $500 million nationwide on his campaign since joining in November 2019, according to the Wall Street Journal. He skipped getting on the ballot in the first four states, putting everything into the 14 states and the territory of American Samoa that were contested Tuesday.

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At the end of the night, he walked away with the win in American Samoa. With votes being tabulated in the other states, he was not finishing higher than third -- but there were signs he might move up to second in a state or two.

As of early Wednesday morning, Bloomberg had won 44 delegates, according to Associated Press. If he doesn't win more, that comes out to $11.4 million per delegate.

Compare that to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who has campaigned for more than a year. She finished second in American Samoa and won her first delegate of the campaign. According to OpenSecrets.org, her campaign spent $11.5 million for that delegate.

The fact was not lost on MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, who said during Tuesday's coverage, "Mike Bloomberg who is, fair to say, not having the night he thought he paid for. Not having the night he was hoping for." The comment was trending on Twitter.

If Bloomberg drops out, he previously vowed to continue his campaign operation and spending to help the eventual nominee defeat President Donald Trump.

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