So is Black Panther worth the hype? The Internet sure thinks so.

Not only is the Marvel film being praised by critics (and is expected to make $190 million to $210 million opening weekend), the high-profile black superhero movie is getting two thumbs up from viewers on Twitter.

Here's what some are saying.

"IM BACK FROM WATCHING BLACK PANTHER HOLYYYY IT WAS SO GOOD," one user tweeted in all caps, showing their excitement. 

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"Black. Panther. Was. SO GOOD OH MY GOD I NEED MOREEEE!!!!" another shared.

"Basically my life was made last night. Can't wait to see it again and again," another wrote with a photo of himself at the movie theater. "SO GOOD"

Others said the movie lived up to expectations. 

"The fact that Black Panther was hyped and it turned out to be so good is amazing," one user wrote. "Such a great movie."

"Black Panther was everything. It really lived up to every bit of the hype," one user tweeted. "It was amazing. I wana (sic) see it again. It was so good."

"Believe all the hype," another wrote. "black panther was so good. so good to where i kinda wanna go see it again."

"it was worth all the hype and more," another wrote of the film.