On Thursday night, San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor was booed and heckled while paying tribute to the victims of the Orlando massacre. She was joining members of the community to honor the victims of the shooting.

About a dozen people had signs and yelled at her as she stood to lead the crowd in prayer.

She spoke to us after leaving the event and said that she was expecting the reaction but decided to attend anyway to show solidarity.

The names of the fallen from Pulse night club were read out loud, so was a little about their lives.

The crowd of about 400 was made up of LGBT members and those who support them, including members of the Muslim faith.

“Neighbors look out for each other. Neighbors pick each other up when things are difficult. We are all neighbors here today,” one Muslim representative said.

Mayor Taylor, who is not considered a gay ally by some, tried to lead a prayer when she was heckled.

“You're part of the hurt! Same on you,” one heckler said to the crowd.

Taylor voted against a city ordinance to protect the LGBT community in 2013. During her bid to become mayor, she again expressed views that were not supportive of the LGBT community.

“Shame on you Ivy Taylor. Shame!” another heckler yelled.

Mayor Taylor kept reading and immediately left when she was done.

“Just because I may not agree on whatever, that doesn't mean that I don't believe that what happened wasn't absolutely horrific, terrible, wrong,” she said.

Mayor Taylor noted that she wanted to do was pay her respects. She expected that she would not be welcomed.

When KENS 5 asked the mayor if she regretted any of her votes or anti-LGBT views, she responded:

“I came here to pray not to talk politics.”

There were some members of the LGBT community who stopped to thank the mayor for her presence at the vigil. Although they don't see eye to eye on politics, they believed that this was the only way progress might happen.