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More than 1,000 undocumented immigrants arrive in San Antonio

The immigrants were transported to San Antonio by buses and vans, according to Catholic Charities.

SAN ANTONIO — More than 1,000 undocumented immigrants arrived in San Antonio over the past week, according to Catholic Charities.

The immigrants were transported to San Antonio from border towns because migrant detention centers along the border have run out of space. Many of them are only in San Antonio temporarily, on their way to their final destinations in other parts of the country. Authorities say some are coming by buses and private vans contracted by the government.

Catholic Charities said it is prepared to provide assistance to anyone, day or night. 

"Right now we have a partnership with the Mennonite Church, and Catholic Charities are actually housing most of the people who come to San Antonio," Catholic Charities of San Antonio CEO Antonio Fernandez said on Sunday. "If we don't have enough space, then Catholic Charities are putting people in hotels."

Fernandez said over the last week, roughly 1,000 migrants have made their way to San Antonio mostly by bus. Over the weekend about 100 of those migrants arrived. Fernandez said they only had to house 12 of those individuals overnight while they waited for the next leg of their trip. 

Earlier this week U.S. Border Patrol said they were being forced to release hundreds of migrants into McAllen.

The overflow led McAllen authorities to search for other places to shelter migrants and caused a higher demand for bus tickets at the central station. Fernandez told KENS 5 while some of the migrants that have arrived are passing through, others could be here for days, which is why they are asking for the public's help in providing:

  • clothing
  • toys
  • hygiene products
  • financial donations

"We need help now; we're not going to need the help in a week or two weeks from now," Fernandez said. "We don't know how many are coming today, but it could be hundreds like yesterday. It's just a waiting game that we have with Border Patrol and ICE." 

Catholic Charities doesn't know how many migrants will make their way to San Antonio this week. The organization's Laredo chapter opened an additional shelter to help with the influx in migrants. 

If you'd like to drop off any donations you can do so on Monday at the Catholic Charities main office located at 202 W French Place.

You can also make financial donations online. 

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