Christian and Brittany Latham have been through the adversity of balancing family life with Christian's military service overseas. But the challenges the young family of three will face now will be much greater.

Brittany gave birth to triplets at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Allen, two boys and one girl named Beau, Olivia, and Jack.

"I'm just looking forward to watching them grow up," said Christian. The Latham family of three overnight just became a family of six.

"We never have cases like this," said Dr. Christine Baidwan, an OB-GYN. "It makes the experience more rewarding."

Dr. Baidwan said all three are healthy and the birth went smoothly.

With every life-altering moment, there is adversity. For the Lathams, that adversity happens to be in the same week. Christian, who is in the Marines, is on his fourth deployment overseas. His leave was just long enough to witness the birth of his children.

"I know Sunday of all days, but we're gonna be strong. We'll be good. It's hard not to break down and be emotional," said Brittany.

Sunday, which happens to be Father's Day, is also when Christian has to return overseas. His latest deployment lasts another six months. Thankfully, Brittany has family in town to help with the children.

"It's gonna be hard...just trying to enjoy it all," said Brittany.

There will be video chats over that time, but nothing replaces the moments he treasures now like holding his children.