SAN ANTONIO — Yesterday we told you about Maria, a 21-year-old cancer patient. A fourth-grade teacher gave up her Justin Timberlake tickets for the concert here tomorrow night as a surprise so Maria could have the night of her life.

When fourth-grade teacher Cynthia Ramirez saw the video the children at Methodist Children's Hospital made, she told us, "I was touched and I knew I had to do something and I just couldn't stop thinking about it," said Cynthia Ramirez.

She had two tickets to go see Justin Timberlake live on Saturday, but her heart took her in a different direction. She said, "I just knew those tickets were not meant for me, they were meant for someone else. So I contacted the hospital and I found out one of the patients here was actually cleared to go."

Today she got to meet Maria and give her the tickets in person and also give her plenty of hugs. But the tickets weren't the only surprise for Maria. She gets to go to the concert in a limo, have her makeup professionally done, and have the red carpet rolled out for her.

When JT's crew heard about what Cynthia did for Maria, they gave her two VIP tickets so she could still go to the concert. Ramirez had quite the reaction saying, "I didn't know that - that's amazing! I didn't expect that. I'm trying to contain myself. That's amazing; I'm so excited! Wow, I don't know what to say. I'm speechless."

Those two new concert-going friends had one last message to share with JT. They both said, "We are super excited for your concert on Saturday. And we would love for you to come to the hospital, Methodist Children's Hospital, and visit Maria and all of her friends who aren't able to go and see you at the concert. Please please please please and please - thank you."