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Yes, not all vodka with a Russian label actually comes from Russia

Most non-Russian vodka uses the labels as a marketing ploy.

SAN ANTONIO — Some State officials, restaurants, and bars are choosing to boycott vodka from Russia as the war with Ukraine continues to intensify. In tonight's Verify we take a look at where vodka with a Russian name you pick up in your store actually comes from.


Is it true that all vodka with a Russian label comes from Russia?


  • Chris Porter, the Public Information Officer with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
  • The popular Vodka brand Stoli



Chris Porter from TABC told us, "Any time we have alcohol that's imported from out of the country, even though sometimes it might say the name of a certain country and its branding or on its label, it may not necessarily be from that location."  

Stoli vodka isn't made in Russia, but Latvia. And on their website's front page it reads "Stoli® Group stands for peace in Europe and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people." 

Several Don and Bens across the citye took Stoli off of the shelves anyway. Why? Confusion over the labels. So if the vodka is not from Russia, why the confusing labeling to make it appear it is? Porter said, "The country of origin can be used again as kind of a marketing tactic. You know, they they use different words and different terminology and  different iconology as part of their overall brand, even when it doesn't correspond to the type."  

So yes, it is true. Not all vodka with a Russian label comes from Russia.

Porter says there a number of high profile vodka manufacturers right here in Texas like Enchanted Rock, Round Rock, and Western Son to name a few. 

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