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Women are now the majority on San Antonio City Council

The city of San Antonio has a women majority Council after the latest election. It's the second time in history for the city.

SAN ANTONIO — Women for the win! Three women won seats on the city council in Saturday's election. Meet your newly-elected women council members.

Jada Andrews-Sullivan will be serving District 2. She is the owner of a baked goods and cake business and a motivational speaker that helps abuse survivors.

“When you're able to overcome things that are supposed to take you out? You can speak for a community that's been neglected and under-served for so many years to bring back the strength of that community again,” she said.

Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia will be serving District 4. She’s held a number of leadership roles, including chair of the ethics review board for the city. She’s currently a marketing professor at Our Lady of the Lake University.

“I was a first generation college student. So, for me, it's very important for me to give back. It's important for my students to see that someone with their background can make it as long as they try and as long as they work hard,” she said.

District 6 will be held by councilwoman Melissa Cabello Havrda. She serves on the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and is an attorney. She shared how her background in law will aid in legal matters with the city.

“Like I advise my clients on what they should do, I will work with my district residents to do the exact same thing,” she said.

The newly-elected City Council members share similar priorities. They want to find solutions on property taxes, the booming growth of San Antonio and support the future generations.


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