SAN ANTONIO-- A San Antonio woman's post featuring edits on a North East ISD letter has gone viral.

In the letter sent to parents Thursday, North East ISD officials warned that if students in the district were to partake in planned student protests, they would face consequences and receive an unexcused absence, despite a parent's effort to excuse them from school.

San Antonio woman Molly Cox took great exception to the letter and even took to social media the very same day to supply an edited version of the letter on her page.

Cox marked through numerous portions of the original note and updated it to reflect that the walkouts were 'an opportunity for learning and growth.' Cox added that the district would 'support our students in their own journey to finding their political voices and welcome this experiential learning environment.

Cox also commented on the post, shedding some light on her motivation to 'fix' the letter. "I mean...I just keep going back and thinking, 'Where is the empathy in this? You know why they're doing it, right??! They're scared. This gives them an opportunity to hold some power over that. Instead of reverting to administrator speak, let's all human a little bit more," Cox said.