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Wig-wearing Florida women steal $35K in DVDs from S.A. Barnes & Nobles, Affidavit says

Barnes & Noble says two women have been stealing thousands of dollars of DVD's from numerous San Antonio store across several months.
Kristina Rost, left and Teresa Tagtmeir

Two San Antonio women are behind bars Thursday, accused of stealing more than $35,000 worth of DVD's from Barnes & Noble.

Investigators believe Kristina Rost, 32, and Theresa Tagtmeir, 25, have stolen at least 917 DVD's totaling $35,118.83 over the past several months.

In order to pull off the thefts, officials said that the pair would change into different wigs and outfits. They are accused of committing at least 15 to 20 thefts between three different San Antonio Barnes & Noble locations.

Loss prevention officials were alerted to the thefts and were able to arrest Tagtmeir Wednesday at the Bandera location after witnessing her stuff a stack of DVD's into her a bag she was carrying. Officials said at the time of the arrest, she was wearing a wig.

Once in custody, Tagtmeir identified Rost as her accomplice in the crimes. She told investigators the pair was from Florida and had been selling the stolen DVD's to CD Exchanges around the city.

Both women have been charged with felony theft.

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