SAN ANTONIO — The operating room on the fifth floor of Methodist Hospital may be the last place you want to be. But on Thursday, it's where a couple shares some life-saving information.

"Someone who is going through cardiac could double or triple their chance of survival," Claudia Elliott said. She and her former NBA star husband, Sean Elliott are no strangers to the camera, nor this topic. 

"We've dealt with heart disease in our family. I lost my dad to heart disease her father is battling heart disease," Sean said. "So if you are out there in the community, chances are you know someone who has died from heart disease."

Which is why the two are teaming up with Methodist Healthcare to provide a big opportunity. 

On Saturday, Methodist Healthcare will be hosting a free hands-only CPR training course. It's the start of the organization's initiative to train 10,000 San Antonians in CPR in 2020. 

"Sean and I will be there," Claudia said. 

It's an event these two wouldn't dare miss since health officials say San Antonians only have a 35% of someone intervening a cardiac arrest episode with CPR. 

For the Elliotts, that's just not enough. 

"We need to improve those numbers," Sean said. "So to train 10,000 community members over 2020 will really go a long way to saving a lot of lives."

Register for hands-only CPR training at or call (210) 575-0355.


Saturday, February 1
9 – 11 a.m.
Methodist Hospital | Stone Oak
1139 E. Sonterra Blvd. – Classrooms 1 & 2