SAN ANTONIO — As the search for baby King moves into another night, we're learning more about those involved in the boy's life leading up to his disappearance. King allegedly disappeared Friday night.

"This is my son. This is my baby. He needs to come home," Jasmine Gonzales, King's mom told KENS 5 on Sunday.

Gonzales canvassed Rodriguez Park and discovered a baby bottle she believes is her son's.

"We're doing tests on that to see if there was any forensic evidence that would connect the bottle with the baby," San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus told KENS 5 on Sunday night.

Police followed up with their own search on Sunday but came up with nothing. Now many are wondering why police didn't take the search national and put out an AMBER alert.

"We are investigating this as though the child is in danger. The criteria for an AMBER alert was not met," Chief McManus told the media on Saturday hours after the disappearance.

Each state has its own criteria on when to issue an AMBER alert. In Texas, law enforcement must answer a number of questions first including:

  • Is the child in immediate danger?
  • Has a preliminary investigation verified the abduction and eliminated alternative explanations for the child's disappearance?
  • Is enough information available to released to the public to help locate the child, a suspect description, or the vehicle used in the abduction?

Many have also questioned King's father, Christopher Davila's background. Davila was arrested after police say he left his son in the car unattended. He is out on bond but faces a child endangerment charge. Davila's criminal history also includes multiple drug charges, an aggravated robbery charge, as well as assault causing bodily injury.

"He has nothing to do with it," Gonzales stressed on Sunday. She defended Davila saying no matter his criminal history he had nothing to do with their son's disappearance.

"I know he has nothing to do with it. He loves his kids, for sure," she said.

KENS 5 reached out to Gonzales for a follow-up interview on Monday but she said she was unavailable because she was at headquarters. Even though an AMBER alert was not issued, the FBI is involved in the investigation.