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Whataburger debuts new 'burger for mushroom lovers'

Whataburger's latest menu item will have mushroom fans running to their nearest restaurant and healthy eaters, well, running.

A new limited-edition Whataburger has been added to the menu, just in time to wreck New Year's resolutions across Texas.

The Mushroom Swiss Burger is a double patty burger piled high with layers of grilled mushrooms, Swiss cheese and a brand new "creamy Au Jus" sauce, according to Whataburger's website.

Whataburger touts their take on the classic mushroom swiss burger as "the burger for Mushroom Lovers," and while 'shroom aficionados will find lots to love about the new menu item, the calorie-counters and healthy eaters will want to think twice about ordering one.

The burger totals a whopping 1110 calories--almost 2000 if you order the "What-a-meal."

Whataburger posts nutritional information for all of their menu items in-store and on their website.

Watch KENS 5 anchor Jeff Brady and KENS 5 Digital Producer Stacey Welsh try the new burger: