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“What will it take to get him arrested?” Neighbors incensed by indecency

Highland Park residents want man charged after he was caught on camera, naked on a stranger's porch.

SAN ANTONIO — People in Highland Park are wondering when they will see an arrest in a series of events that has shocked the well-established neighborhood.

The first indecent exposure incident was reported three weeks ago when a homeowner shared door-bell camera video with San Antonio Police.

The camera recorded a completely nude man walking onto the front porch of the home, ringing the bell and then performing a lewd act in front of the camera for an extended period of time around 3am.

As word spread on the Nextdoor app online, other people mentioned other indecent incidents in the area near South New Braunfels and Rigsby.

Highland Park Elementary, several daycares and the Bode Community Center are all in the immediate area and many people have expressed concern for the safety of children and elders in the area.

Wednesday, one woman who had seen the social posts, said she called police when she saw the man on the street.

The woman, who didn't want to be identified, said "The post on Nextdoor says if you see him call the non-emergency number, so I called the non-emergency number.  The lady took my information and she said 'okay we'll send somebody out.'"

The woman said she recognized the man because she was able to get a good look at him.

"He was picking up change on the street, so I had to slow down and that's how I noticed his face. He was blocking New Braunfels and I had to brake for him and go around him," the woman said.

The woman said since she was driving and didn't have any background information, when she got home, she looked online, found a case number and called police again.

"I felt like that was pretty important information, so when I called back she asked me a lot of questions again and I gave her the case number and probably five minutes after that she calls me and tells me they were not going to send out an officer unless I was there to make a report."

Police said they have been diligently working the case.

They admit the man was detained on Tuesday, but released as detectives from the Special Victims Unit work to develop a case.

A witness who saw the man put into a patrol car in handcuffs reported the arrest on social media, so there was surprise when people found out the man was not charged.

The woman who failed to get a response Wednesday said "It's beyond words. I mean you see him, he's there at the elementary school on the corner and there's a daycare 50 yards away.  It's scary.  It's very unnerving.  I don't know what to think."

The woman said she wonders how long they will have to wait to see some action "What does he have to do in order to get arrested?  If what he has done already isn't enough I don't know what else he could do that would get him arrested and that's scary because there are elderly and there are young ladies that walk down that street. There's students.  It's just too much. He needs to be picked up and detained," the woman said.

Police have provided no time frame for when they might provide a resolution.

If they do make an arrest, Indecent Exposure is a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to a six-month jail sentence plus up to a $2,000 fine.

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