All is calm outside of the old Bexar County Courthouse Thursday afternoon but the same couldn't be said earlier that day, when deputies said Michael Andrew Bass smashed a window and went inside.

Bexar County's preliminary information stated the man damaged a door to a judge's chamber and attempted to leave the building through a second-story window. But when deputies got inside, the suspect was hiding inside a closet.

"It's insane, it's insanity," one woman sitting outside of the courthouse Thursday afternoon said. 

"That's stupid," another woman laughed. "I mean why would you break into a courthouse?" another woman asked.

Good question.

While we don't know that answer, we can tell you this isn't the first time this happened.  In 2011 five French nationals broke into the same courthouse as a drunken prank. 

The incident made national headlines and brought up questions over security. 

"The overall security of the courthouse is great. I mean what we have in place not only during daylight hours but after hours is fantastic and it's apparent by us making the apprehension," Lou Cantu a BCSO spokesperson said back in 2011.

On Thursday, BCSO sang a similar song as they told KENS 5 in a statement, "The overnight incident appears to be an isolated criminal act.  ...We are proud of our deputies' quick response and the apprehension of this individual without incident." 

"I mean there's cameras everywhere you're going to get caught. What was he doing what was he thinking?" a woman outside the courthouse pondered. 

While we may never know that answer, Bass is in custody and is facing criminal mischief and trespassing charges; while the county faces a bit of clean-up.