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'We'll probably see some copycats' | BBB warns SA businesses of mask exempt card scheme

Federal officials are warning consumers of a new scheme: a face mask exemption card being advertised online.

SAN ANTONIO — As your mask collection continues to grow others are doing anything they can to avoid wearing one. Federal officials are warning consumers of a new scheme, a face mask exemption card being advertised online.

"This is a fraudulent ID card," Jason Mexa of the San Antonio Better Business Bureau said. 

"Some people are claiming an exemption under the ADA or HIPAA law trying to get out of wearing a face mask inside an establishment." 

As Texas' mask mandate takes effect, Meza warns of the potential of these cards surfacing in San Antonio.

"We'll probably see some copy cat some imitation cards but for these times, the cases, with the mandate from the Governor, businesses can deny entry."

The Governor's mandate does have a number of exceptions which does include someone with a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask but Meza says all private businesses need to know their rights.

"Businesses should not feel intimidated or under the gun to have to do research at the door or have to disclose information on a consumer, just simply deny entry," he said via FaceTime.

"There's always curbside pick up, there's delivery, many businesses have stepped up and made accommodations."

Accommodations that can keep you safe during these times but of course the safest line of defense through all of this is to simply mask up.

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