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'We just want Gunner home' | Woman says English Bulldog was stolen from yard

"It’s normal for us to let him out and bring him back in. My husband had to build a whole new gate because of this nightmare."
Credit: Lisa Starr

SAN ANTONIO — A local woman and her husband are searching for their missing English Bulldog that they say was stolen from their yard.

The incident reportedly happened around 1 p.m. Thursday on Texas Mulberry and Scarlet Sage on the city's west side.

Owner Lisa Starr said her 6-year-old English Bulldog Gunner was born with parasites in his stomach. His veterinarian didn't think he would make it past one-years old. However, he has become a family pet that loves people and loves to play.

Starr told KENS 5 she has two daughters and is 23 weeks pregnant. She said one of her daughters, Kaydence, has brain tumors which cause seizures. "Gunner is our dog and he was the joy of her life. He would help her do her PE assignments each week to keep her active since she can’t play with others," Starr said.

She also told KENS 5 Gunner and Kaydence are like two peas in a pod. "They both have medical conditions, but together, they are there for one another."

Starr said Kaydence let Gunner out to use the bathroom Thursday, but he never came back. Their gate was reportedly broken into that day while Starr was working, so she says she didn't hear anything suspicious.

"It’s normal for us to let him out and bring him back in. My husband had to build a whole new gate because of this nightmare," said Starr.

She told KENS 5, "Gunner needs his family and we need him too. Every time we hear a dog bark we run out to see if it is him. As soon as this happened, we asked our close neighbors. No one saw anything."

Starr says she and her family have posted flyers in the neighborhood asking the community if they have seen Gunner. She told KENS 5 she has received texts from people claiming they have her English Bulldog, but when she asks to see photos, she receives no response.

"I am very very pregnant and don’t need this stress. Kaydence is having nightmares and feels horrible that she let him out to go potty. Never in our right mind would we feel that someone would steal him," said Starr.

She said her family is praying he returns because home is not like it used to be without him. If you have any information about Gunner's whereabouts, you can contact Starr through Facebook here.

"We just want Gunner home," said Starr.

Credit: Lisa Starr

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