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Vitamins galore! We find the top 3 vitamins and supplements taken in San Antonio

Many professionals say get the nutrients from your food.

SAN ANTONIO — Walk into any gym and you'll see people of all shapes and sizes. 

But what vitamins or supplements do those who look the most buff and in shape take to make their bodies and minds as healthy as possible?

We went to find the top three vitamins and supplements in San Antonio. That was the mission, here's what we found out.

To reach our goal of finding the top three we spoke with a dietitian, Laura Lomax, Cost-Plus Nutrition Manager Zach Williamson, personal trainer and movement coach Andy Travis and Pediatrician and Sports Medicine expert Dr. Caitlyn Mooney.

Let's start with Zach from Cost-Plus Nutrition. What did he say were the big sellers at his NW San Antonio location? 

Williamson told us, "The D's, we are deficient in that vitamin." D's are important for strong bones and teeth. He also said, "The B vitamins because of stress and energy, fish oils, omega-3 fatty acids." Those omega-3 fatty acids are said to help prevent heart disease, eyesight, inflammation, and keep that blood flowing right.

Now on to personal trainer and movement coach Andy Travis who runs Roots Fitness. 

He said, "I supplement exactly what it is that I need, and I supplement it in the most natural way that I can. "I would love to be able to eat a couple of pounds of spinach every single day in order to get all the good benefits of spinach, but that may not be realistic in my life, so an alternative to that would be spinach oil. It has all the nutrients in one little drop."

He goes the natural route to make his body as best as possible. 

Travis added, "Biology is the food that fuels what makes our brain drive and this is our central processing unit."

Moving on to Dr. Mooney, who told us to be a little wary of vitamins. 

She said,"It is not regulated the same way a drug or a pharmaceutical would be regulated. Dr. Mooney says talk to your doctor first. "You really don't know what you are buying when you are buying a supplement over the counter," she said.

Dietitian Laura gave us her advice, and told us, "Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats and when it comes to supplements they are probably one of the ones I'm asked about the most."

We asked her about the B's and D's that Williamson talked about. She gave them high praise too. She said, "Vitamin D plays a lot of important roles in the body. There is a B complex which includes all of the different eight B vitamins."

So if we had to pick three, Omega-3s, B's, and D's seem to be the winners. But one winning theme from all of our experts seemed to stand out more. Help your body be as natural as possible. 

William said, "I feel like there is a big transition to this, heal my body with food or heal my body with a plant, than a vitamin or a mineral." 

Travis added, "I believe we should be going out to find the most natural way because that is the most natural way for us to live."

Dr. Mooney told us, "Approach all supplements with a little bit of caution, that even if someone says it's natural or it's organic, really question and think do I need this is it safe." 

And Lomax added, "I am a food first kind of dietitian. I usually try to promote a healthy approach to living eating a variety of different foods."

Bottom line, eat well, educate yourself and talk to your doctor before you start adding anything extra into your diet.