SAN ANTONIO — Shocking video of a man getting hit by a car in front of children is surfacing on social media. The incident happened next door to Anson Jones Middle School. Northside ISD reports no one from Jones Middle School was involved.

Jones 8th grader Kaleaha Anguiano recorded the video and saw the terrifying moments.

"The guy starts making, like, donuts around the tree in trying to hit him," Anguiano said.

And, it was seconds later that the driver is seeing running over another adult.

"He went like this, and he went to the floor, and he ended up dragging him," she said. She said the driver took off, and the man was taken to the hospital.

"I kept on looking back and I was like, 'did I really just [see that]?' I was just shaking," she said. "I couldn't walk."

It all happened in front of the Meadowcliff Community Center, which is a place were kids go after school. Despite online rumors, Northside ISD Spokesman Barry Perez wants to make it clear the incident was not connected to the school.

"The most important thing to stress to viewers is this incident did not involve students, staff, or parents from Jones Middle School," he said.

Perez said administrators reached out to parents of the students who saw the incident. He said the school also provided counseling. Anguiano said even though she spoke with a counselor, she can't stop thinking about the horrifying ordeal.

"I don't care what he did for that person to run him over, but it is not that deep, nothing is that deep, and in front of kids," she said.

San Antonio Police responded to the scene, but told us the preliminary report was not yet available.