The victim of an armed robbery that sent her to the hospital with a gunshot wound is living in fear despite two arrests.

The victim wanted to share her story but remain anonymous. She says while police have arrested two suspects, Triston Jackson and Darrell Johnson, she claims there is a third suspect at large.

"I just don't want to leave the house," she said.

The victim says she was in her car, outside her apartment complex on Lavender Lane, Monday morning at 1:30 a.m. with her husband and sister. She says they were planning to get a late night bite to eat when two suspects ambushed her car while a third stayed in the getaway car.

"We just heard, you know, a big explosion [and] there [was] glass and popping," the victim said.

It wasn’t until later she realized a bullet pierced her arm.

She was locked on the moment, fearing for her family's life.

“The next thing I know, my sister is getting dragged through the window and, you know, she has a gun to her head,” the victim said. “They pulled my husband out the car with a glock to the back of his head.”

The crooks demanded their wallets, phones and belongings.

“It's just like, am I going to die?,” the victim said.

When they took off, her neighbor came to her rescue, ripping a shirt and wrapping the victim's arm to stop the bleeding from the gunshot.

Jackson and Johnson are both facing three counts of aggravated assault charges.

According to SAPD, all the suspects have been arrested. When asked about a third suspect, officials said they are unaware of a third suspect at this time but added that the case remains active.