Take a ride on a VIA transit bus, and you can't miss the bright yellow seat toward the front. It was specially designed so you can't miss it.

These special seats honor Rosa Parks.

"It's fitting of representing Rosa Parks because of how she brought such joy in a time when there was so much struggle and inequality," VIA transit spokesperson Lorraine Pulido said. "They're yellow so they catch everybody's attention."

Pulido said the bus memorial is a fitting way to honor Rosa Parks. When Parks visited San Antonio more than thirty years ago, VIA transit played a key role in her trip.

"Rosa Parks rode one of the VIA trolleys in the MLK March, with one of our bus operators driving her. It serves the perfect way to honor her legacy," Pulido said.

But the meaning behind these yellow seats goes much deeper than honoring an equal rights icon. Some people in San Antonio say they are empowered every time they hop on the bus.

San Antonio resident Chuck Best regularly uses VIA to get from place to place.

"She inspires me," Best said. "Every time I get on the VIA and I see that seat, it gives me a little bit of thrust and a little bit of momentum that things are gonna be OK."

Imagine seeing that reminder every day on your morning commute. Not a bad way to start your day, right?