The military branch has been fighting for the United States for more than two centuries, even before the United States became a country.

"Our Army has stood ready to serve our country for the last 243 years and our soldiers stand ready today," Lt. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan, Commander U.S. Army North told the crowd.

Soldiers, veterans and supporters came together in front of the Alamo to honor and celebrate the Army’s birthday.

"We have 180,000 soldiers deployed in 140 countries across the world," Buchanan said.

As the Texas flag rippled high in the sky, 10 new soldiers were sworn into service during the celebration. Army Captain Harold Castaneda says the youngest soldier was just 17 years old, and in the crowd was one of the oldest Army veterans.

It’s an event that brought together two generations fighting for peace and freedom. The youngest soldier and one of the oldest veterans shared a slice of cake with the American flag on it.

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Castaneda joined the force more than two decades ago. He says joining the Army is more than just a service, it's a career that protects and contributes to the community.

"Many people think it's just walking around with a rifle and going into combat…I’ve also had many educational benefits, I achieved my Bachelor's and my Master’s degree I am working on," Castaneda said.