UPDATE: Jamie has been found, is safe, and is at home with Sue. Thank you to everyone who shared our post, and helped bring Jamie home.


For the most part, journalists take on the role of advocate for those without a voice or broad reach, and championing for community members in need of our unique skill of storytelling.

But every so often, we find ourselves on the other side of the storyline in need of the championing from our beloved community.

You may have witnessed recent social posting on our KENS 5 Facebook page, or on KENS 5 reporter Sue Calberg's Facebook page detailing the recent disappearance of her son Jamie Calberg, 27, who was last heard from on Sunday, September 30.

The KENS 5 family continues to rally behind Sue as she seeks information on Jamie's whereabouts.

Below is an open letter from Sue with details she hopes will help bring Jamie home.

At Planet Calberg we’ve always had a rule: Never be the lead story.

Because I’ve been a journalist for the past 39 years, my two kids grew up on a diet of what not to do, and my stories have provided teachable moments too numerous to count.

They have joked to their friends about my tour guide skills, wherein I can point out the places where I have covered tragic events of all sorts, with life lessons attached.

But now, I find myself on the other side of the story, as my son has vanished without a trace.

My 27-year-old son Jamie Calberg, who lives with me, announced Saturday night that he was going to a party, that he would spend the night, and that he would return mid-day Sunday.

During the night he texted a picture to a friend, a selfie featuring two other people, ostensibly taken at the party.

Jamie’s friends don’t know who these people are, or anything about the party.

Sunday evening, when Jamie failed to return, I sent him a text.

I wrote “Are you dead in a ditch?” because that’s the newsie kind of 'gallows humor' my kids expect.

His one word reply came back instantly “Nope.”

And that was it.

No Jamie.

No phone calls.

No texts.

No social media action.

No interaction with law enforcement, anywhere...for days now.

After an automobile accident in August left Jamie with a serious concussion, Jamie had struggled to regain his footing, and the last few weeks he was really on track.

He has been under the care of a good doctor, got new medication, and was working energetically.

Jamie has never disappeared like this.

In 2015, my partner, former anchorman Bob Salter, stopped answering his phone. When I went to check on him, I found Bob dead of an apparent heart issue.

Through that searingly painful time, Jamie and I solemnly promised each other we would always communicate. We promised we would never leave the other person in limbo, scared to death.

But, here I am. Scared witless.

So, with amazing corporate support from my KENS 5 and TEGNA family, I’m hoping you, my villagers, will help write a happy ending to this tale.

Surely someone, somewhere knows something.

Please, share this post and help me bring my boy back home.

Thanks for everything, always.

Sue Calberg | scalberg@kens5.com

If you have any information on Jamie's whereabouts, please contact police at ‭(210) 207-7660‬ or KENS 5 at ‭(210) 366-2002. You may also message us on Facebook or email us at iwitness@kens5.com.