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Ukraine flags are in high demand at one San Antonio flag company

They were briefly sold out over the weekend, but Dixie Flag and Banner Company will continue making the blue and yellow flags as long as the community wants them.

SAN ANTONIO — With every stitch and hem at the Dixie Flag and Banner Company, seamstresses can turn pieces of blue and yellow fabric into powerful symbols of pride for Ukraine. 

The seamstresses have been putting together Ukrainian flags after their inventory from other suppliers sold out over the weekend. 

“We don’t stock high qualities of any one particular country so we sold out incredibly fast and we reached out to our suppliers who were also sold out,” said Vanessa Van de Putte, President and CEO of Dixie Flag and Banner Company. “So, we started making them and that’s something that we’ve got the ability to do.”

Van de Putte said they have been averaging about 24 flags a day, and they have sold 50-75 Ukrainian flags so far. 

Lucy Rodriguez, a seamstress at the store, can’t recall the number of flags she’s sewn. 

“It’s a lot,” she said “I don’t really count, I just sew.” 

 It takes her roughly 45 minutes to put one together. While her days are busier, she doesn’t mind. 

“I pray for the people that are going through what they’re going through,” Rodriguez said. “It’s just to me very heartwarming that people want to recognize in hanging a flag like this, recognize what’s going on and support.”

Van de Putte said they are prepared to continue selling Ukrainian flags to those who want them. The store is expecting a shipment of the flags and supplies to make them this week. 

She recommends calling the store ahead of you’re interested in purchasing one. Customers should also be prepared to be put on a waitlist.

“Flags are more than just a piece of decoration. Flags are symbols and they reflect on the person whose flying them, you’re saying something about yourself when you’re flying a flag,” Van der Putte said. 

Many of the people purchasing them are San Antonians who may or may not have direct connections to Ukraine, but still want to stand with them. 

It’s awareness, it’s support, I think that’s why they’re very meaningful for people.”

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