SAN ANTONIO — The Texas Department of Transportation has workers on standby to respond to a tropical system heading towards Texas.

"We don't know exactly what it is yet," Hernan Rozemberg said.

The San Antonio TXDOT public information officer said 100 workers from five TXDOT districts are in San Antonio waiting to help in case assistance is needed. The problem is no one is clear on what the weather system will bring to Texas besides rain.

"It could be a tropical depression. It could be a tropical storm," He said. "Something is definitely coming."

Rozemberg said the crews will help where needed but primarily concentrate on state-maintained roadways. He said they will clear debris and rain to make sure emergency responders, as well as the general public, continue to have access.

The workers on standby in the Alamo City are from Waco, Austin, Brownwood, San Angelo, and San Antonio.

Noel Tan has worked with TxDOT for five months. His previous experience includes working 44 years as a diesel mechanic and working on tanks 9 years in the Army.

"This here is actually a public servant position," Tan said.

His job is to make sure all of the equipment is running well and the operators are safe using it. The 59-year-old worker is prepared to work as long as possible. But if they don't get called out he'll head back to Austin.

"That's what we're hoping for. I mean God's the one that's going to be able to see to it that everybody's safe and everybody goes home well," He said.